Multi-board design provides seamless, multi-discipline collaboration

For seamless, concurrent, multi-discipline team collaboration, Mentor Graphics has introduced the Xpedition multi-board systems design. By enabling teams to collaborate, the company says the system complexity can be managed.

The Xpedition flow maximises team efficiency by eliminating redundant effort during the design process, and optimises product performance and reliability with a data management infrastructure. This ensures data integrity and leverages reusable IP across all boards, connectors, and cables in the system, says the company.

Designing systems that contain multiple interconnected boards (connectors and/or cables) has traditionally been done with separate uncoupled board and cabling projects. This has involved spreadsheets for intra-board connectivity, text files for system element parameters and drawing applications to show block level system structure and hierarchy. As well as poor collaboration between design teams, intra-system connectivity errors, time-consuming manual validation steps and restrictive system change rules prohibit system design optimization, says the company. It also effects the ability to design networks of interconnect electronic systems, known as system-of-systems, that are commonly seen in automotive, space/satellites, industrial automation and data centre infrastructure.

By replacing paper and manual processes with an automated, fully integrated, collaborative workflow, the automated synchronisation between all levels of abstraction and automated connector management streamlines the design process. Signal tracing, functional and signal integrity simulation, and design partitioning and re-partitioning can be achieved while maintaining connectivity content for “correct by construction” system design. The flow is a parallel, collaborative design environment where global teams can work in real-time.


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