Nine-channel LED driver saves board space

Contributing to a reduction in the size of LED modules in lighting and illumination applications, a nine-channel output LED driver IC from Toshiba is claimed to save board space.

The TB62D786FTG has a single-wire Manchester-encoded interface, often used for wireless communication. Integral daisy-chain pins and a linear regulation circuit (LDO, 5V output) handle inputs from 7.0 to 28V. In conventional designs, power has to be supplied to the LED driver ICs and LEDs separately. The driver’s number of wires between a host controller or MCU and the LED driver unit can be reduced to just four – a single power supply, single-wire input, single-wire daisy-chain output, and GND. Fewer connections, combined with the IC’s compact VQFN24A package, allows overall size of the LED unit board to be reduced and the IC to be used with smaller modules, says the company.

 The driver is compatible with an IC control voltage of 4.5 to 5.5V and can deliver up to output currents of up to 85mA per channel. Input signal transfer frequency range is 0.5MHz to 2MHz, and illumination can be controlled using PWM gradation (0 to 127).   


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