Off-the-shelf TFT modules suit handheld electronic devices

Custom and semi-custom display specialist, andersDX, has added small TFT displays with a serial peripheral interface (SPI) and a power consumption of just 3mA. 

The displays are suitable for a host of applications from handheld devices such as remote controls or test equipment for industrial, medical and consumer electronics.

andersDX initially offers  1.44 and 1.77-inch colour TFT modules featuring the SPI.

The simple SPI can simplify a design, explains andersDX, as the receiving hardware can be a simple shift register rather than a full UART. SPI is used to send data between microcontrollers and small peripherals, such as shift registers, sensors or SD cards. It uses separate clock and data lines, with a dedicated line for a device to communicate with.

Key in the 1.77-inch andersDX SPI display is the low profile, a streamlined package of just 2.4mm deep. This, say andersDX, makes it suitable for compact portable electronics. The 1.77-inch diagonal module is a colour TFT display with a high contrast ratio of 700, a high brightness of 280cd/m2 and a low power consumption of just 3mA.  There is also a 1.44-inch diagonal square display featuring the SPI. This module offers a contrast ratio of 350 and a brightness of 120cd/m2. Its package is 2.7mm thick. Both modules are suitable for use at temperatures between -20 to +70 degrees C.

andersDX is able to offer customisation to fit the needs of the application. This can include changing the flex, enhancing the backlight or adding touch capability. To widen the viewing angle, optical bonding and o-film can be added.

andersDX is a division of Anders Electronics, and is a custom and semi-custom display specialist. It focuses on non-consumer electronic systems, and uses its expertise in display, embedded computing and touch control technology to help customers differentiate products through user interface design. andersDX integrates standard, tailored or custom products. Where appropriate, andersDX will design and implement a custom solution.


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