ON Semiconductor introduces compact, Sigfox-verified RF SiP

At Sigfox World IoT Expo in Prague, this week, ON Semiconductor launches a programmable RF transceiver system in package (SiP) integrating an RF system on chip (SoC). The AX-SIP-SFEU provides the most integrated Sigfox solution for both uplink (transmit) and downlink (receive) communications, claims ON Semiconductor. The device is the first in a new family of SiPs that will be launched over the coming months, providing ready-to-use, turnkey RF products to support applications requiring IoT connectivity.

One of the main challenges of IoT applications is space constraints, where, for example, connectivity is needed close to the sensor. ON Semiconductor’s 7.0 x 9.0 x 1.0mm SiP transceiver has almost one-third the footprint and is one-tenth the overall size of a module-based solution, claims the company.

Based on the AX-SFEU SoC family and with all necessary functionality integrated, the AX-SIP-SFEU has conformal shielding and pre-certified radio regulatory approvals. It can help simplify design, speed time to market, and reduce overall development cost by allowing customers to focus on their application and antenna design, points out ON Semiconductor.

Power consumption is another concern for design engineers working on wireless communications applications that are battery operated. Sigfox’s low energy consumption ‘device-to-cloud’, is complemented by ON Semiconductor’s low power design to give the AX-SIP-SFEU SiP standby, sleep and deep sleep mode currents of just 0.5-milli A, 1.3-micro A and 100-nanoA, respectively.

The AX-SIP-SFEU connects to the customer product via a simple universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) interface. AT commands are used to send frames and configure radio parameters, with an application programming interface (API) variant available for customers wishing to write their own software. The AX-IP-SFEU is part of an ON Semiconductor ecosystem which also comprises a development kit and an integrated development environment for software developers.

Thomas Wolff, vice president of Wireless & Connectivity Solutions at ON Semiconductor said: “Sigfox certification and compliancy with local regulation, means that engineers working on exciting and innovative IoT solutions across many market sectors, can focus on other aspects of the design knowing that the connectivity and communications element is already taken care of.” 

Tony Francesca, vice president of Global Ecosystem Partners at Sigfox, added: “The new SIP from ON Semiconductor is opening a new generation of devices, demonstrating with its high level of integration that the IoT market is developing now and gaining in maturity.”

ON Semiconductor is at booth 4, at the Sigfox World IoT Expo (Booth #4) Prague, Czech Republic.



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