Oscilliscope adds PSI5 bus analysis support for automotive design

Support for Peripheral Sensor Interface 5 (PSI5) bus analysis has been announced by Yokogawa for its eight-channel DLM4000 and two- and four-channel DLM2000 oscilloscopes. The company believes it is the first in the industry to support the interface, a widely-used, open standard-based interface for in-vehicle communications. A key application area is in the control of air bags.

The PSI5 analysis firmware option offers several trigger and protocol analysis features. The feature can trigger on sync pulses, start of frame or specific bit patterns, and up to 400,000 events can be stored. The sensor data is decoded, and the firmware option provides a range of search criteria, including start of data, any frame in a specified slot, bit patterns, value comparisons and a range of errors such as frame, clock, start bit, parity/CRC, frame number and slot border, simplifying and speeding up system debugging.

The ability to provide specialised analysis of PSI5 communication performance on an oscilloscope is of particular interest to anybody involved in any application of PSI5 to communicate with safety-critical sensors.

The new testing firmware sits alongside other automotive firmware options available on the DLM oscilloscope range, providing a single piece of equipment for tasks from simple waveform display to analysing automotive serial buses, such as CAN, LIN  and SENT.

PSI5 analysis can be installed in a new DLM4000 or DLM2000, or as an upgrade to an existing unit.  Existing DLM-series users can try the new PSI5 testing function for a free 30-day trial period.



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