Photo relays are compact for industrial applications

Four compact control photo relays released by Toshiba Electronics handle currents from 1.7 to 4A. The high-current devices in 2.54SOP4 and 2.54SOP6 packages are for industrial applications such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), battery management systems (BMS) and factory automation inverters.

The TLP3106, TLP3107, TLP3109 are supplied in 2.54SOP6 packages and have maximum current/voltage (VON/VOFF) ratings of 4A/30V, 3.3A/60V and 2A/100V respectively. The TLP3127 in a 2.54SOP4 package is rated for 1.7A and 60V.

All use the company’s trench MOSFET technology to control large currents at levels equivalent to those usually handled by mechanical relays, says the company. With no mechanical contacts, the photo relays produce less noise than conventional relays and do not suffer the deterioration associated with contacts wearing.

The 2.54SOP packaging offer space savings compared to conventional DIP form factors. The 2A TLP3109, for example, reduces mounting volume by approximately 40 per cent and product height by approximately 50 per cent compared to other generations of DIP devices. The size means the photo relays can be mounted on the rear surfaces of PCBs to further reduce system size.

 The TLP3106, TLP3107 and TLP3109 have a maximum off-state current (IOFF) of 20nA. Respective typical on resistances (RON) for the devices are 0.02, 0.03 and 0.04Ohm. The TLP3127 has a maximum IOFF of 10nA and typical RON of 0.08Ohm.

All photorelays have a rated isolation voltage (BVS) of minimum 1500Vrms.


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