Pico Technology increases PicoScope 9300 channel and frequency

New models, new broadband probes and touchscreen operation have been announced for the PicoScope 9300 sampling oscilloscopes by Pico Technology.

The bandwidth of the PicoScope 9300 family of sampling oscilloscopes has increased with two new 25GHz models. The USB-controlled sampling oscilloscope, is exclusive to the company. It stands as one of only a few low-cost, high-integrity options for viewing and measuring RF and microwave signals, paths and networks, says Pico Technology. Sampling oscilloscopes are cost-effective for today’s Gbit/s datastreams, copper, wireless and optical fibre interconnect.

The new two- and four-channel 25GHz models join the existing 20GHz PicoScope 9300 series. The models now support fifth harmonic capture for data up to 10Gbit/s, and third harmonic capture up to 16Gbit/s. These are rates typically found in Ethernet, Thunderbolt, USB 3.1, PCIe 4, Rapid I/O, e-SATA, OC-192 / STM-64 and OC-256 applications. All have transmission lines, cables, components, transmitters and receivers that need pre-compliance testing and characterization, says Pico Technology.

While owning a real-time scope with 25GHz bandwidth is unrealistic, says Pico Technology, with prices starting from $200,000, even renting can cost over $15,000 per month, whereas the PicoScope 9300 25GHz sampling oscilloscope can reside on a bench every day, for the equivalent of one month’s rent of a 25GHz real-time box, reassures Pico Technology. 

Once selected, the oscilloscope user will want to probe multiple broadband signals in-system and with minimal invasion of the measurement. This has to be done without interrupting system function. The company, therefore offers, cost-effective, low-invasive, high-performance PicoConnect 900 probes. This comprehensive family of microwave and gigabit products is configured as interchangeable AC or DC coupled probe heads in three division ratios (÷5, ÷10 and ÷20). They are suited to in-system probing of analogue, pulse, impulse and high-speed serial data streams. They will also interface to any other instrument type with 50-Ohm inputs. 

All PicoScope 9300 sampling oscilloscopes can be upgraded, free of charge, to full touchscreen operation with the latest PicoSample 3 software. PicoSample 3.25 also includes new masks for USB 2.0 and USB 3.1 Gen1 and Gen2.

The new PicoScope 9301-25 and 9341-25 sampling oscilloscopes are available now.



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