PIM analyser saves 20 per cent of cost on five UK licensed bands

Now available from RF and microwave equipment supplier, Link Microtek, CCI’s PiMPro family of portable PIM (passive intermodulation) analysers enable users to cover the five UK licensed mobile-phone bands with only four units. This represents a 20 per cent cost saving, compared with competitive products, says the company.

The analysers’ measurement sensitivity of -135dBm and facility for setting transmit tone levels down to 24dBm (250mW) make the analyser suitable for in-building distributed antenna system (DAS) installations as well as conventional macrocell sites.

The analysers also offer special DAS test functionality, using their RF transmitters to aid the measurement, diagnosis and analysis of PIM for proving in-building DAS design, configuration and installation.

They simultaneously measure real-time PIM and return loss, and generate two tones with an output microwave power as high as 46dBm (40W). The -135dBm sensitivity and a residual PIM of less than 122dBm are claimed to ensure highly accurate readings.

The instruments have a bright, 8inch touchscreen display, with an intuitive GUI for system setup and rapid switching between different measurement modes, namely PIM and return loss, PIM vs time, frequency sweep, DAS test, RX interference and PIMPoint (distance to largest PIM source). All measurements are carried out via a single test port, so there is no need to disconnect and reconnect any cables.

Optional features include a GPS antenna to allow location stamping on test reports and a smartphone app for remote control.

In addition to the standard range of PiMPro analysers, the PiMPro Tower series is available, offering the same level of functionality from a compact, lightweight backpack-style case.



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