Plasma generator is compact for surface treatment, activation and cleaning

Atmospheric plasma cleaning is a dry, non-contact, non-abrasive cleaning process. Its use is widespread in industrial applications. Pre-treating or activation of surfaces prior to bonding, coating or laminating is achieved using atmospheric gases, rather than wet chemical primers. At the same time, the cleaning action of the plasma can remove residues from release agents, lubricants or cleaning agents left on surfaces. High speed atmospheric plasma cleaning and surface activation are performed by the Relyon Plasma PB3 Plasmabrush from Intertronics. The nozzle-type plasma generator is compact and offers long-term stability, says the company.

Proprietary Pulsed Atmospheric Arc technology uses a uni-polar pulsed high voltage source and a vortex flow in the nozzle which delivers uniform high power density with only minimal warming of the nozzle and hardly any erosion of the electrodes, says the company.

The use of atmospheric plasmas for industrial applications has become widespread in many different sectors.

The PB3 Plasmabrush can be integrated into continuous production processes due to a compact and lightweight, modular design and the adaption of the PS2000 high voltage power supply to the CanOpen industrial standard communication protocol. The system supplies data and is claimed to offer precision for fine detail areas over-complex 3D shapes. According to the company, it is gentle enough to treat even thin textiles or delicate materials including porous substrates and foams.

Applications include cleaning/activation of metals, glass and plastics for optimum wettability of coatings, inks, and preparation prior to sealing or bonding. More specialised projects include the bleaching of textiles without the use of chemicals, and plasma sterilization of fabrics and thermally sensitive plastic materials.


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