PMBus converter claims highest density values

Claimed to be the industry’s highest-density, 18V input, 35A synchronous DC/DC buck converter, with full differential remote-voltage sensing and PMBus to support telemetry, the TPS546C23 has been released by Texas Instruments.

The power converter integrates high- and low-side MOSFETs into a small footprint package that is significantly denser than competitive devices, says the company. Designers can stack two converters in parallel to drive loads up to 70A for processors in space-constrained and power-dense applications in wired and wireless communications, enterprise and cloud computing, and data storage systems.

The integrated TPS546C23 is 44 per cent denser (A/sq mm) than competitive devices, claims the company. It features 0.5 per cent reference-voltage accuracy over temperature and full differential remote-voltage sensing to meet the voltage accuracy requirements of deep sub-micron processors. Current sharing enables the stacking of two converters, with efficiency and thermal performance delivered via the device’s single-pad, stacked die, QFN package.

There is also the TPS546C20A PMBus converter that supports pin-strapping for both the output voltage and soft-start time.

The TPS546C23 is offered in a 40pin, 5.0 x 7.0 x 1.0mm PowerStack QFN package.


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