PoL modules create space in power systems

Power architects and board designers are constantly searching for ways to include as many features and as much capacity as possible into electrical systems while maintaining a reduced footprint. GE says that its low- and high-voltage BoostLynx DC/DC step-up converters enable designers to step up power from an input voltage of 8.0 to 16V to an output voltage of 16 to 34V (model ABXS002A3X41-SRZ) or 32 to 54V (model ABXS001A4X41-SRZ). The 65W converters are suited for applications that currently use a 12V bus, but have components that require higher voltages (16 to 52V). For example, in small-cell remote radio heads (RRH), components such as radio frequency power amplifiers (RFPAs) require a higher voltage than a typical 12V bus can provide, explains the company.

The converters can also simplify power supply for 16 to 54V loads like actuators, solenoid valves, cameras, fans, operational amplifiers and sensors in automatic test equipment, LED backlighting, surveillance equipment, low-power machinery (locks, vending machines, dispensers, fluid control), audio applications and robotics.

They deliver full power, 65W, in just 318 square mm and at  temperatures of up to 85 degree C. The small footprint enables a power density of 20.4W per cm squared. Further space savings are achieved through the absence of an isolated power stage, which is no longer required in the power architecture.

Additional features include programmable output voltages of 16 to 34V or 32 to 54V via an external resistor and the ability to reduce the required output capacitance needed to reach target transient response with Tunable Loop technology.



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