Power management allows for application-targeted components

Software-based components from AnDapt can lower device costs, board space and inventory costs, and lower power by monitoring, sequencing and voltage scaling power components or PoLs, says the company.

Power Components include buck, boost, buck-boost, multi-phase regulators, load switches, low voltage drop outs, battery chargers, multi-phase controllers, sequencers, supervisors and other PoL devices. They replace traditional, expensive catalogue parts to facilitate on-demand power management design, which can be completed within days, without requiring long development cycles, high production volumes or NRE costs, claims the company.

The architecture includes power blocks with Scalable Integrated MOSFETs (SIM), including integrated current sense for protection and current share. Power Blocks are used to build power path topologies. Sensor blocks with integrated adaptive digitisers, comparators, summation amplifiers and noise-immune references are also included. Sensor blocks sense and manage analogue voltage and current. For the digital analogue fabric, there are interconnects µAnalog, µLogic, precision timers and compensator RAMs. There is also telemetry built-in I²C (PMBus) and SPI for device configuration.

The family consists of nine members with three selections, four, eight and twelve power blocks of 1.0, 3.0 and 6.0A current capacity each. Initially AmP8D1, AmP8D3 and AmP8D6 are available today with the rest of the family expected before year end.

The AmP Adaptive Multi-Rail Power Platforms are supported by WebAmP cloud-based tools that include an extensive library of prebuilt and proven Power Components. The tools provide a user-friendly GUI, a power analysis tool suite, with an ability to adapt Power Components to users’ needs. The company also offers the AmPLink adapter to download power design to AmP platforms.

Richard Wawrzyniak, principal analyst, Semico Research believes: “With AnDAPT’s AmP Platform and software, companies can craft complicated designs without the expense of funding a custom analogue ASIC design effort while enjoying the benefits of using drag-and-drop power components to reduce design costs and design time.”

The power management technology also offers design security, as customers can modify the power design through the development cycle, explains the company.

The AnDAPT AmP family addresses customer requirements for ever-increasing power density and the need to rapidly develop innovative products for dynamic end markets. The first AmP family has been optimised to address 12V, enterprise, server/client, communications, storage, IoT, drones, telematics, medical and industrial applications.

The AnDAPT AmP platform is engineered with patented, digitally wrapped µAnalog on interconnect fabric technology. µAnalog can be interconnected with fabric to create full-function analogue power components, such as voltage regulators, load switches, without interface voltage, current, impedance, noise, isolation, claims the company. The interconnect fabric technology delivers benefits of traditional analog power engineering skills and proficiency, combined with interconnect fabric and logic, to create a variety of power components on-demand.

In future, the company will offer platforms for broad spectrum of both power and non-power analogue applications.

The product family is offered in QFN packages with 6.0 x 6.0, 7.0 x 7.0, 8.0 x 8.0 footprint sizes. The initial device, AmP8DS6QF74 is available today, in a 74pin, 8.0 x 8.0 x 0.85mm thermally enhanced QFN package. WebAmP tools and power components can be licensed today online and are available for a 30-day free trial period.


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