Quad-channel digital isolators save space in power supplies

Two, two-channel, bi-directional digital isolators from Maxim Integrated transfer digital signals between circuits in both directions with galvanic isolation, to reduce component count and save space.

The MAX14933 and MAX14937 bi-directional digital isolators provide propagation delay, skew, and jitter for timing sensitive applications.

According to the company, digital isolators are replacing optocouplers because they offer the same isolation capabilities yet require less board space and consume less power. The MAX14933 and MAX14937 provide high voltage isolation of 2.75kVrms and 5kVrms, respectively. They support data rates from DC up to 1.7MHz and can be used in isolated I²C buses with or without clock stretching. Both feature independent 2.25 to 5.5V supplies on each side of the isolator, and provide open-drain channels for where data is required to be transmitted in both directions on the same line.

Applications include power supplies, battery management systems, instrumentation, and interfaces for I²C, SMBus, or PMBus.

Galvanic isolation is claimed to provide over 30 years’ lifetime at the rated working voltage.

The MAX14933 is available in a 16pin wide-body (10.3 x 7.5mm) and narrow-body (9.9 x 3.9mm) SOIC package. The MAX14937 is available in a 16pin wide-body SOIC package. Both are specified over the -40 to +125 degree C range. An evaluation kit is available for both products (MAX14933WEVKIT# and MAX14937WEVKIT#).



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