QuickLogic and Mentor develop seamless environment for eFPGA technology

Joining QuickLogic’s Aurora development tools, with Mentor’s Precision Synthesis, the two companies support the complete RTL to bitstream design flow for QuickLogic’s embedded FPGA (eFPGA) ArcticPro architecture.

Mentor’s Precision Synthesis software has been optimised to support the QuickLogic ArcticPro architecture used in the company’s eFPGA IP. QuickLogic will distribute this version of Precision Synthesis as part of its Aurora development tool suite to provide high performance synthesis technology to eFPGA designers in their next SoC with embedded FPGA IP.

The combination of the two tool sets will deliver a seamless development environment supporting a complete design flow, from RTL to programming bitstream, for the embedded FPGA portion of the design, says QuickLogic.

The tools from both companies have been tuned for implementation efficiency and design performance to enable the effective targeting of designs to the eFPGA IP. By embedding eFPGA technology, SoC developers gain post-manufacturing design flexibility to support design fixes, upgrades, market variants, and rapidly evolving standards or market requirements.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mao Wang, director of product marketing at QuickLogic said: “Mentor has done an excellent job in enabling their Precision Synthesis software to generate an optimised synthesis netlist for the QuickLogic ArcticPro-based eFPGA architecture.”

“QuickLogic’s eFPGA IP has the potential to be a transformative technology for our SoC customers, and we are looking forward to delivering an outstanding synthesis solution for their Aurora development tools and a continued growth in our partnership,” said Ellie Burns, director of marketing, Calypto Systems Division at Mentor.

Mentor’s Precision Synthesis and QuickLogic Aurora development tools supporting

QuickLogic’s eFPGA technology are both available now from QuickLogic.

QuickLogic delivers low power, customer programmable SoC semiconductor solutions, embedded software, and algorithm solutions for always-on voice and sensor processing. The company’s embedded FPGA (eFPGA) initiative also enables SoC designers to easily implement post production changes, and increase revenue by providing hardware programmability to end customers.



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