Rack mounting panel aid to FeedThrough connector integration

A 1U 19in rack mounting panel, to aid system builders with integration of XLR-Format FeedThrough connectors, has been introduced by Cliff Electronics. The panel, which has a black anodised finish, will accept 16 FeedThrough connectors and features a labelling strip for end users to identify the function or individual connectors. The panel is also fitted with a strain-relief bar, which allows internal cables to be tied to it, relieving pressure on internal cable assemblies and improving system reliability.

The Feed through connectors offer digital, optical and analogue ranges to system builders. The range now includes Fire wire, HDMI A-A and 50 ohm BNC versions, USB2 A-to-B and B-to-A “gender change” sockets, high-speed USB Type C, USB3 to USB3 in all gender changing configurations, that is A-A, A-B and B-A.

Also available are all popular data and Ethernet connectors, including USB 2.0 and 3.0, LC and SC fibre (Duplex and Simplex), UTP and FTP RJ45s in both Cat6 and Cat5e (shielded and unshielded), Toslink, RCA Phono and HDMI and blanking plates.

The company’s FT connector range is designed to fit into the industry standard 24mm diameter XLR connector panel cutout simplifying panel design and manufacture and improving design aesthetics. Models are available with plastic or rugged zinc/nickel XLR housings finished in nickel or black to enhance the high- quality, high-performance and prestige image of the product range.

All models may be front or rear mounted to control panels and the Firewire and HDMI models may be specified with an optional socket sealing cover to prevent the ingress of dust when not in use or when in transit.

The FT connector range allows designers to integrate audio, video, digital, optical, networking and data feeds into professional equipment for broadcast, lighting, audio, home theatre, automation, solar power and a growing range of industrial applications, including instrumentation, industrial control and data acquisition.

All versions, metal and plastic, share the same features and dimensions and offer a complete range of audio, data, and fibre connectors, all of which can be both front or rear mounted into industry standard 24mm XLR connector mounting holes. For ease of assembly the Cliff FT Series is available with standard or countersunk mounting holes. Bezels are available in seven colours to identify the function of the connectors when fitted to a control panel

The FT Series offers true feed-through connection, allowing standard cabling to be used to connect at both front and rear, eliminating the need to solder or terminate the connections and simplifying and speeding up assembly.



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