Raytheon UK delivers smart power to battlefield vehicles

Raytheon UK offers a 10-channel power switch node (PSN), which it produced in response to emerging in-field and operator requirements for military land vehicles. The PSN has external shutdown and battle over-ride capabilities, and provides resilient vehicle power management, says Rayheon.

Soldiers in the field will benefit from greater electrical power reliability on their platforms, asserts Raytheon, thanks to the use of firmware, rather than software running on a microprocessor, for mission-critical functions within the PSN.  

“Power requirements are evolving for land, sea and air applications in the military and commercial sectors,” said Brian Gallacher, who leads Vehicle Systems for Raytheon UK’s Mission Critical Solutions. “There’s a growing need for ‘smart’ power systems that are adaptable, easy to maintain and provide better overall protection for the systems they power.”

Each of the 10 channels can be programmed to support up to 15A loads. They can also be connected in parallel in order to switch higher current loads. Raytheon UK’s proprietary solid-state fusing technology, Smart Fusing, is employed on the outputs, so there is no need to replace traditional fuses or physically reset circuit breakers, says the company.

The 10-channel PSN is suitable for use on any vehicle that uses MilCAN or JStd 1939 for inter-system communications, with Ethernet as an option. It’s a location aware line replaceable unit (LRU), allowing it to be pre-programmed for a number of different roles in a vehicle and used in different vehicle types. This improves mission availability and reduces the logistical burden and number of variants that would otherwise need to reside in inventory, says Raytheon UK.

The 10-channel PSN is compliant with Def Stans 00-35 (tracked vehicles), 59-411 Land Class A and 61-5 Part 5 Issue 6.

In addition to military and aerospace, Raytheon PSNs can be used in the marine and rail industries.



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