Renesas updates TPS-1 chip to accelerate PROFINET IRT

Renesas updates TPS-1 chip to accelerate PROFINET IRT: An evaluation board for the Renesas TPS-1 PROFINET IRT device enables a low cost entry for evaluation of the TPS-1 PROFINET IRT device chip, says Renesas Electronics Europe. The company has also announced an expansion of the host driver offering, to provide users with a wider choice of ready-to-use host processors and more flexibility to implement the Renesas microcontroller (MCU) to fit an application’s requirements.

The evaluation board for the Renesas TPS-1 PROFINET IRT chip demonstrates how simple and efficient a PROFINET IRT device design can be, by using the TPS-1. Operating with the latest PROFINET IRT software environment, the board features only the basic circuitry needed to operate the TPS-1 (i.e. power supply, serial flash, crystal, UART and network interface). The minimised hardware cost allows for a “significant” reduction in the bill of material cost, compared to the existing TPS-1 solution kit, says Renesas. All IO pins are accessible with a dedicated adapter board that has the IOs on standard multi-pin connectors. There is connectivity with several products from the Renesas MCU portfolio – including Synergy MCUs. An application note is available, describing these in detail.

 The host driver increases IoT security and high power efficiency, says Renesas. It is designed for the high-performance Synergy S7G2 MCU Group and provides system designers with access to the Synergy MCU’s connectivity and security features.

Combined with the recently announced host drivers for Renesas’ RX63N and RX231 MCUs, there is now a wide choice of host drivers for Renesas MCUs available to fit various application requirements. By using the Synergy S7G2 Group, system designers can design an end product that can use large on-chip SRAM and flash memories, handle multiple high-speed secure connectivity channels simultaneously, drive a high-quality colour display, perform precision control operations, or sense analogue signals with high accuracy. The sample project software will be included in the new TPS-1 solution kit. The support packages consist of adapted versions of the API for the host CPU and a working PROFINET example that can be operated with the TPS-1 development tool package. This means that system designers do not need to purchase a PROFINET master for their first experiments.

 The TPS-1 kit will be available from May 2017.

Renesas updates TPS-1 chip to accelerate PROFINET IRT:

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