RF receiver extends bandwidth to 100MHz

Combining up to 100MHz instantaneous bandwidth with the RF performance of the legacy IZT receivers, the R5000 receiver covers the frequency range between 9kHz and 18GHz.

Received signals will be available as high resolution spectrum data in combination with up to four configurable wideband I/Q data channels with user configurable sample rates and independent centre frequencies, says IZT.

The wideband channels provide I/Q data between 5.0 and 100MHz bandwidth. An additional 32 channels, with up to 4MHz bandwidth each, can be used for narrowband monitoring, demodulation or analysis functionality in software. A dual 10Gbit optical interface is claimed to ensure adequate throughput in all operational scenarios.

The receiver gives system integrators direct access to the control and data interfaces, where the received RF signals will be available both in IQ and PSD format. When combined with the company’s Signal Suite Software, the receiver supports its patented technique for frequency selective and dynamic recording of active portions of the spectrum. This reduced the required storage space, points out the company.

The receiver can be configured for TDOA (Time-Difference-Of-Arrival) and DF (Direction Finding) applications. It will be available in late 2016, in various configurations and mechanical form factors ranging from rack-based, single channel indoor applications to multi-channel direction finding receivers for outdoor or airborne applications.

Initial models include both a 19inch 1U unit for rack-based installations and a rugged mechanical variant for harsh outdoor environments.



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