Seismic accelerometers offer high sensitivity for ground vibration applications

For use in ground vibration measurements, PCB Piezotronics offers a range of ICP high-sensitivity, seismic accelerometers. They are designed to enable detection of ultra-low level, low frequency vibrations associated with large civil engineering structures, foundations and earth tremors. They are so sensitive, says the company, that they can literally detect a dropped pin.

They typically exhibit exceptional measurement resolution with a high output signal and lower noise floor. All units are hermetically sealed in a titanium or stainless steel housing with models including a 2pin military style connector, providing RF and EMI protection through electrical case isolation.

Within the range is model 393B31, which operates down to 0.07Hz with a sensitivity of 10V/g. This performance makes it suitable for use in a variety of civil engineering applications including bridge movement detection, remote pipeline intrusion detection, military establishment intruder detection and rail movement detection – monitoring the effects of train movement on nearby buildings and structures.

Vibration measurements using seismic accelerometers can provide data for continuous monitoring, modal analysis and structural integrity investigations. High sensitivity accelerometers generate signals in response to a variety of stimuli including traffic, wind and programmatic impulse. When analysed, these signals provide civil and structural engineers with insight to determine the safety of a structure and investigative analysis can lead to recommendations for remedial construction or further monitoring.


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