Sensor evaluation kit is updated with Bluetooth element

Updates to the Grid-EYE sensor evaluation kit by Panasonic Automotive & Industrial Systems include an improved Grid-EYE second Generation sensor and improved software. The kit also now combines the nanopower PAN1740 Bluetooth Smart module and a microcontroller on one PCB.

The Grid-EYE second generation evaluation kit is based on the AMG8834 Grid-EYE sensor. It has an improved NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) of  0.16 degree C at 10Hz and of 0.05 degree C at 1.0Hz. The detection distance have also improved, 5.0 up to 7.0m.

The sensor can be used for energy savings in the lighting industry, domestic appliances (e.g. air conditioners, microwave ovens), safety and security systems (e.g. lifts, automatic doors, elevators, kiosks), and the medical industry (e.g. patient fall detection and patient positioning). They can also be used in hot-spot detection, human detection inside vehicles and contactless temperature measurement in industrial applications. The sensor can also detect people and effectively differentiate them from other heat sources, such as displays or heaters. Grid-EYE is an infra-red sensor, which means that detection of people is measured almost independent of ambient light conditions. Another significant advantage, says the company, is the Grid-EYE sensor does not intrude on personal privacy, unlike cameras.

The company has also announced that it is working to launch people detection, counting and tracking software soon. It has an iOS smartphone app which customers can download free-of-charge to test the basic sensor functionality.

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