Servo drive creates a buzz with its power density

Available with support from Elmo Motion’s UK distribution partner, Heason Technology, the Gold Bee servo drive is available in a small PCB mount package, measuring just 35 x 30 x 14.4mm. It can deliver up to 4,000W of power with current ratings to 50A at 100V DC.

The drive includes a choice of EtherCAT or CANopen networking, safe torque off, and multiple feedback options.

Part of the manufacturer’s ExtrIQ, Gold servo drive range, it has a current loop dynamic range of 2000:1 for high bandwidth servo performance. It can be used with brushed and brushless servo motors and is configured for a pre-determined DC voltage and current range. Nominal supply voltage through the range is 85 or 170V DC with continuous current to 30A and peak current at twice continuous ratings for standard versions. There are also ‘no peak current’ versions, where continuous current is up to 50A.

The drive is specifically built for extreme environments with temperature ratings of -40 to +70 degree C and vibration up to 14Grms.

The drive features dual feedback inputs with provision for absolute serial encoders, incremental encoders, digital and analogue halls as well as resolvers. Servo loop sampling times are as fast as 50micro seconds for current, velocity and position.

For use as a standalone drive it is also suited to real-time deterministic multi-axis motion control when paired with Elmo Motion’s EtherCAT Gold Maestro motion controller which enables full motion and machine control with support for high-level, multi-axis programming environments such as IEC 61131-3, Microsoft .NET, Win32, and Native C/C++ programming.

Heason Technology can supply the Elmo Motion Gold Bee servo drive as separate components with compatible servo motors and motion controls – or integrated in customised motion systems as part of its in-house design and build service.


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