Shielding effectiveness service measures racks, cabinets and enclosures

To measure the performance of 19inch racks, cabinets and small enclosures, Wave Scientific, the specialist consultancy and independent EMC measurement and test facility, provides an RF shielding effectiveness measurement service.

Shielded racks have been widely used in military facilities for many years and are also increasingly used for commercial purposes such as IT and telecommunications infrastructure. They may be used both for EMC and also for protection from electromagnetic pulses (EMP).

Measuring the shielding performance of racks and cabinets can be challenging as the small dimensions limit the size of antennae and other equipment that can be used inside the enclosure.

The company has designed a series of small broadband antennae specifically for performing shielding verification measurements of small enclosures. Using these antennae along with small signal generation and RF amplifiers allows measurements of high levels of shielding performance over a wide frequency range.

Measurements can be either at spot frequencies or with a swept frequency response and can cover frequencies up to 40GHz. Measurements can include magnetic and electric field shielding effectiveness as well as plane wave and microwave field attenuation measurements.


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