Shoes and gloves detect user movements for VR

A set of virtual reality (VR) shoes and gloves that are capable of detecting user movements as input and translating them to VR-space action and real-world haptic output were shown by Cerevo at CES 2017.

The Taclim prototypes were developed in collaboration with Nidec Seimitsu. There are eight tactile devices in the shoes and gloves which enable haptic feedback for the user’s hands and feet according to images and sounds in a VR space. According to the company, the user/wearer experiences increased immersion beyond the current visual and aural limits of a VR experience.

The tactile devices can change the strength of feedback, for the user to sense stepping on different ground such as desert, grassland or water – achieved via haptic feedback. The nine-axis sensor built into the shoes and gloves functions as an input device to capture movement to reflect actions.

The development environment for Taclim is a Unity plug-in, allowing developers to develop content using Taclim as an I/O device. It is also possible to create tactile data by defining basic haptic feedback as sample data, or by importing files in WAV format.

Taclim will be available in two versions – Bluetooth and a sub-GHz version, using the sub-GHz band to ensure stable communication performance even in crowded wireless traffic environments, such as events with large numbers of people, says the company.

Charging is via a micro USB port, and battery life is approximately two hours, when sensing haptic feedback once every two seconds.

A VR game demonstration was based on the PlayStation VR game “Headbutt

Factory”, developed by Gemdrops which is scheduled for release at the end of

January 2017. It will be offered free of charge when Taclim is released.

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