Six rail-to-rail op amps have shutdown mode to save power

Six operational amplifiers from Linear Technology, the LTC6258/59/60 and LTC6261/62/63, single, dual and quad op amps extend the company’s line of power efficient, low noise, precision op amps.

They operate from 1.8 to 5.25V supply, and feature rail-to-rail inputs and outputs, with some versions having shutdown mode to reduce power consumption during periods of inactivity. Input offset voltage is just 400microV max. The devices are specified over the industrial (-40 to +85 degree C) and extended (-40 to +125 degree C) temperature ranges.

Supply current is only 20microA per amplifier for the LTC6258/59/60 achieving 1.3MHz gain bandwidth product and 240V/ms slew rate. Input EMI filters provide 45dB rejection at 1.0GHz. They are stable for any gain and with any capacitive load, says the company.

The LTC6261/62/63 achieve 30MHz GBW product and 7V/micro sec slew rate, drawing just 240microA per amplifier. Wideband voltage noise is just 13nV/√Hz. They are stable for any gain and for capacitive loads up to 1nF.

The single LTC6258 and LTC6261 are available in a small 2.0 x 2.0mm DFN package. The dual LTC6259 and LTC6262 are available in the same size DFN package, as well as an eight-lead SOT-23, MSOP-8, and MSOP-10 with shutdown mode. The quad LTC6260 and LTC6263 are available in the MSOP-16 package.


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