SkelGrid ultra-capacitor energy storage system is for UPS applications

Ultra-capacitor manufacturer, Skeleton Technologies, has launched SkelGrid, an ultra-capacitor-based turnkey energy storage system for ensuring reliable power quality in manufacturing plants, data centres. It also covers starting and bridging power for diesel generators.

SkelGrid is based on Skeleton Technologies’ curved graphene ultra-capacitor technology, which is claimed to provide the highest power and energy density on the market in the industry standard electrical cabinet or container format.

As the world saw with the BA check –in systems, a power outage lasting for under a second can cause damage. It can harm all the products on the production line, and the losses are compounded by the unavoidable downtime of clearing the backlog and setting everything up again. The patented Curved Graphene in the SkelGrid family has the highest reliability and twice the power of competing system on the market, claims the company, to ensure no manufacturing losses or downtime even in the event of short-term power outages. “We see from customer experience that SkelGrid can pay itself off by eliminating the issues caused by one single short power outage,” said Taavi Madiberk, CEO of Skeleton Technologies.

In diesel generators, SkelGrid is suited for starting and to bridging power until the gensets are online and synchronised with the grid. SkelGrid products enable switching gensets from standby to offline mode, to save fuel and decrease emissions. In diesel genset applications, the company reports “significant reduction in CO2 emissions, but also a payback times in under 18-24 months”.

The applications for the SkelGrid product family are numerous because of its modularity, and the high power and long lifetime of the SkelCap ultracapacitors that are the building block for all our products. We see the launch of SkelGrid as a significant step forward for industrial power quality and backup power applications”.

The SkelGrid product family is based on SkelRack modules, which can be installed in industry standard 19-inch, 600mm deep cabinets, and in 20 or 40-feet containers to provide short-term power at the MW level. The SkelGrid family has maximum power ratings ranging from 520 up to 1500kW, and as a modular product, its components can be configured according to customers’ needs, adds Skeleton Technologies.


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