Software allows NAND flash support for embedded systems

NAND flash devices can be used in microcontroller-based embedded systems, using the latest error correcting library from Segger. The supported memory chips include high capacity, low cost, consumer grade NAND flashes.

Consumer grade NAND flashes with multi-level (MLC) or triple-level cell (TLC) technology require error correcting codes that can detect or correct up to 40bit errors. Previously, says the company, this required a high-cost application-class microprocessor with integrated MLC NAND flash controller.

 The library allows standard 32bit microcontrollers to access MLC and TLC NAND, broadening the choice for host microcontrollers and flash memories in embedded systems in applications requiring large capacity storage at low cost.

 The software package has been designed for embedded processors with limited flash, especially RAM, to still deliver up to 25Mbyte/s. 

 This technology can be used with the company’s emFile file system or just the storage layer, enabling other storage options, such as a USB memory stick or with other file system products. IoT devices currently require Gbit of storage, while reducing board space and cost of target devices, says the company.


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