Soldering station features Connection Validation technology

The Metcal CV-5200 Soldering Station from Farnell element14 is the first to incorporate Metcal’s patented connection validation technology to provide real-time closed-loop feedback on intermetallic compound formation – a key indicator of soldered joint quality, says the company.

The station also incorporates a new communication port that enables the addition of process traceability software and firmware upgrades. The system requires no calibration once installed, according to the company.

CV-5200 connection validation, based on Metcal’s SmartHeat power-on-demand technology, evaluates the quality of the solder joint by calculating the intermetallic compound formation and providing closed-loop feedback to the operator via an LED light ring integrated in the handpiece.

When used with the CV Monitoring Software, it helps users to improve their solder process traceability as well as creating a performance baseline for quick analysis of their soldering performance, identifying changes in their solder conditions and allowing them to make changes to their process.

“Connection Validation takes the risk associated with the variables involved in the soldering activity and removes the success and failure determination of a good solder joint out of the hands of the operator”, says James McGregor, head of test and tools for Premier Farnell and Farnell element14.

“It complements the skill of the operator to judge the quality of a solder joint by introducing an objective method of evaluating solder joint quality. As a result, this systemic and objective approach provides repeatability and a measurable standard to the soldering process.” he says.

The soldering station incorporates chip-in-cartridge technology which calculates and displays the tip temperature. The high thermal demand concept used in the CV-5200, based on a new handpiece and a selection of thermally efficient cartridges, suits the soldering station to applications with high thermal loads such as dense boards without the risk of damaging sensitive components.

The new unit features a 2.8-inch colour touchscreen with bold graphics, an integrated net power meter and power graph, and an optional precise temperature display.


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