Spectrum analyser measures microwave and millimeter-wave bands

To address phase noise performance in wireless communications, Anritsu has introduced NFR and 2dB step attenuator options for the MP2840A signal analyser.

The MS2840A-051 Noise Floor Reduction and MS2840A-019 2dB Step Attenuator for Millimeter-wave (mm-W) options are designed to improve the performance of wireless equipment and signal sources. They measure wideband signals and microwave and mm-Wave signals requiring measurement of spectrum emissions, adjacent channel leakage power, and high-dynamic range signals at Tx on and off.

These additions improve phase noise and meet the demand for graphics and video in applications such as mobile and satellite communications/broadcasting, where faster radio communications relies on using wider bandwidth radio signals; microwave and mm-W bands which offer wider frequency spectrum options. To ensure wideband and low error rate radio signals in the microwave and mm-W bands, requires transmitters with high dynamic range performance, and the ensuing high-dynamic range measuring instruments to optimise designs, particularly, those associated with noise interference.

The Noise Floor Reduction (NFR) option subtracts up to 11dB from the measured internal noise level of the measurement system. The 2dB Step Attenuator option can set a 0 to 60dB attenuator with 2dB steps across the entire frequency range for 44.5GHz model, versus a standard specification of 0 to 60dB attenuation in 10dB steps. This option improves the measurement dynamic range by optimising the mixer input level even at high frequencies.

There are four models in the MS2840A signal analyser series with different maximum measurement frequencies of 3.6, 6, 26.5, and 44.5GHz. The 26.5 and 44.5GHz models can be expanded to cover a measurement frequency range up to 325GHz by connecting an external mixer. Target applications are development and manufacturing of narrowband radio equipment, radio oscillator modules, wireless backhaul, satellite communications and radar.


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