Stable ceramic dielectric option expands MLCC range

Adding to the High-Q MLCCs, available from Knowles Capacitors brand, Syfer, the H series is manufactured from a stable, X8G High Q ceramic dielectric to provide low ESR, with low loss performance and low power consumption, says the company. They are intended for high environmental temperature and high frequency systems.  They also exhibit no ageing effects, claims the company, with stability under voltage and very low drift.

The electrode system is optimised for the lowest possible ESR and provides low metal losses that result in flatter performance curves and reduced losses at higher frequencies.

An extended operating temperature range of -55 to +150ºC accommodates modern, high density microelectronics requirements, where environmental temperature could be high. Applications are DC blocking, impedance matching, coupling and decoupling functions of PA module, LNA module and the antenna system of small cell or 5G networks – where environmental temperature is high as a result of high power generated in relatively small chambers. Automotive applications are also another potential use.

The ESR performance and extended temperature range, enable the High Q MLCCs to contribute to improving power amplifier efficiency and long term reliability of systems, says the company, reducing power loss, heat dissipation and decreased battery drain.

0603 and 0805 case sizes are released with immediate effect with 0402 size following shortly.


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