Sub-miniature power relay from Zettler guarantees 8mm clearance

Housed in a low profile package, height is just 12.5mm, the sensitive, sub-miniature AZ 6960 power relay guarantees a creepage and clearance distance of 8mm as well as basic insulation according to IEC 60664-1, says Zettler.

The AZ 6960 has a 5kV coil-contact dielectric strength and a 1kV dielectric strength between open contacts to ensure that the relay is robust enough for even highly susceptible applications. Contact ratings for resistive loads are 2,000VA or 320W for maximum switched power, 8.0A for maximum switched current and 24V DC or 250/400V AC for maximum switched voltage. Coil voltages range from 5.0 to 60V DC.

The AZ 6960 meets IEC 61810-1, making it suitable for incorporation into low voltage equipment, says Zettler. It also meets IEC-60335-1 for household appliances as well as UL 508 for industrial control panels. Contacts are available in silver nickel, silver tin oxide and gold plating for high performance and reliability. Additionally, the AZ 6960 relay is available in an epoxy-sealed version for automatic wave soldering and cleaning, allowing reliable usage in demanding environments, says Zettler.

Designed as a cost-efficient alternative to Zettler’s relay series AZ 696 and AZ 6962, the AZ 6960 is available now.

The Zettler Group’s diversified product lines are designed to provide complete solutions for component applications across a broad spectrum of industries, including relays, magnetics, displays, controls and new energy solutions. With a global network of companies Zettler Group is present in low cost manufacturing geographies, but also has the ability to provide customer-focused solutions in proximity to local industrial and commercial markets. It operates through a comprehensive network of distributors across 19 countries, including all the key markets of the European Union, Scandinavia, Israel, and Turkey.

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