Thin regulator can sit closer to devices and share a heatsink

Delivered in a think  16 x 16 x 1.91mm LGA, the LTM4631 is a dual 10A or single 20A uModule, step-down regulator from Linear Technology.

It can be placed on a board very close to its load, i.e. FPGA, ASIC, GPU or processor, and share a heatsink to cover both low profile packages. According to the company, the small, thin package allows it to be mounted on the back of circuit boards, freeing space on the topside for components such as DDR-QDR memory and transceiver ICs. The company offers applications examples, such as plug-in and mezzanine cards in embedded systems, data storage systems, gateway controllers and 40 to 100Gbit/s networks.

The regulator operates from 4.5 to 15V input supplies and regulates an output voltage from 0.6 to 1.8V with ±1.5% maximum total DC output voltage error from -40 to +125°C. The two outputs operate 180 degree out-of-phase, each capable of delivering 10 or 20A when the outputs current share. Two devices can current-share, delivering up to 40A while minimising input and output ripple current. The device features output over-current foldback and over-voltage protection.


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