Three FMC carrier PCI Express Cards exploit FPGAs

Three FMC carriers in the PCI Express form factor, the PCI516, PCI592 and PCI595 cards, can bring COTS PCIe systems up to date with the latest FPGAs, or to integrate high-end FMCs, says VadaTech. All three cards provide direct connections to neighbouring cards, avoiding the need to stage data through the host processor. This optimises throughput and minimises latency. Active cooling is provided for both the FPGA and FMC, making the modules suitable for power-hungry applications or those requiring temperature stability for good performance.

The PCI516 features a Xilinx Virtex-7 690T FPGA, which provides 3,600 DSP slices, 52,920kbit RAM and 690,000 logic cells. The PCI592 features a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale XCKU115 FPGA, which provides 5,520 DSP slices, 75.9Mbit RAM and 1,451,000 logic cells and the PCI595 features the Xilinx Virtex UltraScale XCVU440 FPGA, which provides 2,880 DSP slices, 88.6Mbit RAM and 5,541,000 logic cells.

The high performance UltraScale FPGAs are suitable for ASIC prototyping or emulation, and 100G transponder or muxponder applications. One customer uses the technology for algorithm development and testing prior to deploying in an ASIC for high performance testing of next generation networks, including 5G. The PCI516, for example, allows developers to integrate fast, high-resolution ADCs, for applications that require high-performance analogue and digital processing.”

The FPGAs on the PCIe cards are supported by 64bit wide memory banks, which allows for large buffer sizes to be stored during processing as well as for queuing the data to the host. Support and royalty-free VHDL code is offered to support developers.


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