Track your dog’s food intake and activity

Over 53 per cent of dogs in the US and 45 per cent in the UK are overweight or obese, reports Actijoy. It has created an activity tracker with WiFi bowl, to help owners not overfeed their dogs on a daily basis.

There are three parts to the system, a health and activity tracker, a WiFi-enabled water and food bowl, and a companion iOS and Android Mobile app.

The on-collar device monitors the activity, rest and all the activity types and levels the dog was engaged in. It is waterproof and equipped with built-in safety lights for evening walks. It also connects to human trackers like Fitbit for a combined effort!

The Food and Water WiFi Bowl monitors all food and water intake, water freshness and informs ‘pet parents’ about any abnormalities. If the dog drinks less or more than usual, it can indicate health problems. It also ensures dosing the right food amount with respect to activity levels. The bowl is also connected to the weather forecast, to alert owners to fill up the bowl with more water.

The bowl can be used by more than one dog and recognises which dog is using it. To track all of the information and data, the company pairs with an Android or iOS app to see activity, any abnormalities and track food and water intake. The app also has a health book for recording all medical history, vaccinations and other important reminders. There is also Barkfie, the dog selfie tool for the media-savvy pooch.

The Actijoy app is now available on App Store and Google Play with no monthly fees.


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