TTI offers Panasonic’s Grid-EYE infra red sensors with improved NETD

Now available in Europe through distributor TTI, the second generation of Panasonic’s Grid-EYE infra red array sensors have improved noise equivalent and temperature difference (NETD).

The Grid-EYE high gain types (AMG8833 and AMG8834) and low gain types (AMG8853 and AMG8854) have an improved NETD of 0.16 degree C at 10Hz and of 0.05 degree C at 1Hz. For all Grid-EYE second generation models, the detection distance has improved from five to 7m. The second generation of Grid-EYE sensors is fully compatible with the first generation designs, enabling engineers to get improved and accurate results when they use the sensor in applications, says TTI. Panasonic says it is committed to providing more application benefits with its improved MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) technology on which the Grid-EYE second generation infra red array sensors are based.

The Grid-EYE second generation infra red array sensors combine a more sensitive MEMS sensor chip, a digital application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) with an I²C interface, and a silicon lens in the same, small package. The parts feature 64 thermopile elements in an 8×8 grid format that detect absolute surface temperature without any contact. Unlike conventional sensors, Grid-EYE uses a patented 60 degree silicon lens etched out of a silicon wafer, which is (with less than 0.3mm height), making it the smallest available lens in the market, says Panasonic. The combination of these technologies allows for a sensor package size of only 11.6 x 8 x 4.3mm, which is around 70 per cent smaller in size than competitors’ products, it adds.

Compared to single element thermopile sensors and pyroelectric sensors, the Grid-EYE second generation is claimed to not only detect moving and motionless people and objects, but does so, in comparison to its predecessor models, with higher precision and higher accuracy.

TTI is a Berkshire Hathaway company, and is a specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical, discrete, power and sensor components. TTI in Europe strives to introduce new product technologies and to stock broad and deep inventory across its franchise base. TTI’s inventory management system ensures the ability to service changes in demand due to fluctuating markets and supply chains.


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