UHD display controller support virtual/augmented reality headsets

Believed to be the first DisplayPort to Quad MIPI-DSI display controllers supporting up to 120 frame/s, the SlimPort ANX753x/7580 display controllers are targeted primarily at virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) head-mounted displays (HMD).

Analogix has announced the ANX7530, a mobile receiver supporting eight MIPI lanes per eye (total 16 lanes). It is intended for popular VR panel resolutions including 1920 x 2160 per eye. There is also the ANX7533, a mobile receiver supporting four MIPI lanes per eye (total eight lanes) with display stream compression (DSC), recommended for VR panel resolutions including 1920 x 1440 per eye.

The ANX7580 is a mobile receiver supporting eight MIPI lanes applicable to headsets that use a single panel shared between both eyes. It supports panel resolutions including 2560 x 1600 total.

The ANX753x/7580 family converts DisplayPort input to MIPI-DSI output.DisplayPort 1.4 input supports link frequencies up to 6.75Gbit/s. Another feature is the HDCP 2.2 and 1.4 high-bandwidth digital content protection support to ensure secure distribution of video content.

It provides adaptive equalisation on the DisplayPort input for best-in-class signal recovery as required in connected VR HMD applications. The MIPI-DSI 1.2 output supporting link frequencies up to 1.5Gbit/s, with either four- or eight-lanes per eye.

Andre Bouwer, vice president of marketing for Analogix said: “A fluid virtual experience can only be achieved if the video is updated faster than the brain can process it, and with pixels smaller than the optical receptors in the retina. This drives video resolutions and refresh rates ever higher. The ANX7530 can process video at up to 120 frame/s.”

Widespread adoption of HDCP 2.2 helps content providers to monetise their investments in creating more premium 360 degree and 3D material.

The ANX753x/7580 family can be used in USB Type-C and non-USB Type-C applications and can manipulate a variety of video scan modes, say the company. This gives headset manufacturers the flexibility to differentiate their products by offering the most optimized performance for the markets they serve, whether that is gaming, 360 degree and 3D movies, or AR productivity.

The ANX753x/7580 family is sampling in Q1 and will ship in mass production in Q2 2017.



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