USB Type-C and Power Delivery 3.0 devices optimise system performance

Five USB Type-C and power delivery (PD) devices enable engineers to design USB Type-C electronics with better signal quality and protection against system damage. The TUSB1046 family of linear re-drivers is the industry’s first to support 10G USB data and DisplayPort 1.4 video transfer, says Texas Instruments. As a result they enable faster transmission without signal integrity degradation. To prevent hard field failure, the TPD8S300 family includes the industry’s first single-chip solution to protect USB Type-C and PD systems from over-voltage damage. Additionally, the new TPS65983B USB PD 3.0 controller enables a complete system design and reliable power and data transfer with integrated power path, fast role swap hardware, authentication support and standardised voltages.

The TUSB1046 and TUSB1002 re-drivers support twice the data bandwidth of current 5G USB solutions, enabling 10G data and video transfer with up to 8k resolution, while consuming only 335mW of active power at 10G USB speeds. The re-drivers compensate channel loss up to 14.4dB when transmitted over long traces and cables. Additionally, 16 equalisation levels optimise performance by compensating inter-symbol interference jitter and signal attenuation, enabling better interoperability and connectivity with other devices. The 10G linear re-driver family is pin-to-pin compatible with the company’ family of 5G USB devices, enabling seamless speed upgrades in existing designs.

Using up to 75 per cent less board space than a discrete implementation, the TPD8S300 and TPD6S300 devices protect against over-voltage damage caused by a DC short to the 20V bus voltage (Vbus) on the configuration channel and sideband use pins, while maintaining signal integrity. The port protectors integrate transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes with low-clamping performance to provide IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection and protect the downstream PD controller.

The TPS65983B single-chip device is the only USB PD 3.0 controller that fully integrates the power path, while providing over-current, over-voltage, reverse current and thermal protection. The controller features fast role swap for sink or source implementations to give designers maximum flexibility.

All devices comply with the new USB Type-C, USB 3.1 Gen 2 and PD 3.0 standards. Additionally, these power, signal-chain and circuit-protection devices allow USB Type-C and PD systems to function seamlessly together.


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