UV/visible light maskant from Intertronics makes visual checks easy

Time savings that are described as significant, can be made in the assembly of of electronics connectors and other board level components to printed circuit boards (PCBs), says Intertronics, using the Dymax Speedmask 9-7001 maskant.

Once cured, which takes only seconds, using ultra violet (UV)/visible light, the (pink) maskant enables easy visual checks, while its low shrinkage rate ensures accurate reliable coverage, says Intertronics.

Speedmask 9-7001 is designed for protecting connectors and board-level areas from both solvent-based and light-curable conformal coatings. Cured masks withstand wave solder and solder reflow temperatures and are easily removed in one piece, saving time and eliminating the concern of ionic contamination or residue left behind by other masking methods, explains Intertronics. After removal, the residue-free surface passes surface insulation resistance (SIR) testing, and is highly effective in maintaining the integrity of masked areas during process.

The halogen and silicone-free Speedmask 9-7001 maskant is compatible with gold and copper connector pins. It very quickly cures upon exposure to light, and is designed to provide protection of connectors with no discoloration or corrosion. It is extremely thixotropic and is suitable for manual or automated dispensing onto boards or components that may be difficult to mask.



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