Vector network analyser calibration meets TVAC and multi-port production testing

Rohde & Schwarz believes its ZN-Z32 and ZN-Z33 inline calibration units are distinguished in the industry by being permanently connected to the test set-up.

The calibration units are particularly suitable for satellite component testing in thermal vacuum chambers (TVAC) and for multi-port component testing on production lines.

Unlike conventional automatic network analyser calibration units, the inline calibration units are permanently connected to the test set-up. This makes them suitable for test set-ups that require frequent recalibration, especially where the test set-up is inaccessible, says Rohde & Schwarz.

The inline calibration units are also claimed to be the solution available for testing in TVAC chambers where it is not possible to access the test set under vacuum conditions. After a basic calibration, carried out under ambient environmental conditions, the test set components are brought inside the TVAC before the vacuum is applied and testing starts. Once the vacuum is applied, recalibration is required after every temperature change due to thermal drift effects. With the calibration units in place and linked by a CAN bus, this recalibration can be easily performed.

For multi-port applications – typical in production testing – accuracy and reproducibility suffer due to limited phase stability when cables are moved. Repeated calibration with conventional equipment involves extra effort and wastes test time. The R&S ZN-Z32/33 units allow calibration of a high number of test ports via a single keystroke in the control software tool. According to Rohde & Schwarz this reduces recalibration time down to seconds, benefitting users with increased efficiency on the production line.

The R&S ZN-Z32 covers the frequency range from 10MHz to 8.5GHz and can be used in ambient conditions from + five to +40 degree C. The R&S ZN-Z33 covers the 10MHz to 40GHz range in ambient conditions from +five to +40 degree C or in TVAC conditions from –30 to +80 degree C. The calibration units are controlled by an R&S ZN-Z30 CAN bus controller, which supports up to 48 units. With multiple controllers, a virtually unlimited number of inline calibration units, and therefore test ports, are supported, claims Rohde & Schwarz. The R&S ZN-Z3ASW application software guides the operator through the system configuration and the calibration process.

The R&S ZV-Z32/-Z33 inline calibration units, R&S ZN-Z30 CAN bus controller and R&S ZN-Z3ASW software are now available from Rohde & Schwarz and can be used with every R&S ZNB(T), R&S ZVA and R&S ZVT vector network analyser.


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