VirtualBench upgrade oscilloscope and function generator

Consolidating five of the most commonly used instruments into one device, VirtualBench reduces the cost and footprint of test and measurement systems. National Instruments says that, despite consolidation, performance of each instrument is not compromised. The company has announced the VB-8054 instrument, a new higher performance model of VirtualBench.

It has a four-channel, 500MHz mixed-signal oscilloscope, with 2.0Gsample/s and protocol analysis over 34 digital channels. The function generator has 40MHz maximum sine output, 5MHz square, ramp/triangle, DC and arbitrary modes.

There is also a true 5.5 digit DMM with 300V input range, three-channel programmable DC power supply (up to 3A) and eight GPIO lines.

A unified software view of all five instruments, shown on larger displays help test engineers perform tests, with a quick functionality to save data and screenshots.

Connectivity options are via USB, Ethernet and WiFi to Windows software applications and WiFi connectivity to Apple iPad software.

Programming interfaces automate measurements in LabVIEW and C environments.

The VirtualBench application can load automatically through Windows AutoPlay when connected via USB. Software capabilities include digital phosphor density maps for displaying multiple acquisitions simultaneously, XY mode for plotting channels against one another and hands-free smart capture for automatic data capture of repeated stable waveforms.

Free software and firmware updates are available as new features are released. 

There are three models in the VirtualBench hardware family, designated by oscilloscope analogue bandwidth of 100, 350 and 500MHz, for a variety of applications in academic labs, hardware characterisation/debug benches and automated test systems.


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