Wideband PLC chips save energy for next-gen smart meters

Hybrii-LB GV7013LB Wideband PLC chips provide energy savings for next-generation smart meters, says Greenvity Communications.

Wideband power line communication technology provides high speed, reliable and extended range for demand response and real-time control, says the company.

Designed for IoT turnkey solutions for smart meter, smart lighting and home/building automation, the Hybrii-LB GV7013LB is an SoC with Wideband Power Line Communication (WB PLC) technology that provides high speed, reliable and extended range communication for next-generation smart meter applications. The Greenvity Hybrii-LB GV7013LB specifically addresses slow speed, high latency and high noise interferences, difficulties that Narrowband PLC (NB PLC) technology encounters in regions such as China and India.

Many current smart meters are enabled by either NB PLC or Narrowband wireless (NB RF), explains Greenvity. This means they are limited by slow speed, long latency and noise at low frequency bands. Smart meter OEMs predict EB PLC will replace NB PLC and NB RF solutions in the next-generation of smart meters, due to the high performance, long range capabilities and cost-effectiveness advantages.

The integrated Hybrii-LB GV7013LB offers power line connectivity with raw data rate over the line up to 4.0Mbit/s, which supports demand response and real-time control to save energy in smart meter applications. The Hybrii-LB GV7013LB can be configured to scale the upper frequency of the spectrum from 7.0 to 15MHz. This feature allows the Hybrii-LB GV7013LB to adapt to different regulations and environments. For example, using orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) technology across the 2.0 to 12MHz spectrum complies with requirements set by regulatory agencies in Asia. The Hybrii-LB offers reliability and increases noise immunity in a system that enables long distance communications up to 1.5 Km. In addition, the Hybrii-LB chip integrates the proprietary relay algorithm as an option to extend range beyond 1.5km.

The Hybrii-LB GV7013LB chip integrates a microprocessor for low power management and intelligent networking that can support up to 1km per network. It can be deployed inside smart meters, concentrators and data collectors. The Hybrii-LB GV7013LB chip is designed and tested for industrial temperature requirements (-40 degrees C to +85 degrees C), making it suitable for many industrial applications including smart meter applications.



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