Win an NXP Development kit for LPC804 series MCUs.

You can win a development kit for LPC804 that includes:

• OM40001UL – LPCXpresso804 Development Board for easy evaluation of the LPC804 MCU including capacitive touch capabilities, as well as the Programmable Logic Unit
• One sample of LPC804M101JDH24
• One sample of LPC804M101JHI33

NXP’s LPC800 microcontroller series offer a range of low-power, space efficient, low-pin-count options for basic microcontroller applications. LPC804, the newest addition to the LPC800 series, are extremely power-efficient and provide a straightforward development experience.

LPC804 is a cost-effective Arm® Cortex®-M0+ based 32-bit MCU family operating at CPU frequencies of up to 15 MHz, supporting 32 KB of EEPROM-based flash memory and 4 KB of SRAM. This family features a power optimized core, small footprint in popular packages, and level shifting options thanks to its separate power rails.


• Sensor gateways

• Simple motor control

• Industrial

• Portables and wearables

• Gaming controllers

• Lighting

 • 8/16-bit applications

• Motor control

• Consumer

• Fire and security applications

• Climate control

Win a Dev-Kit here: