Win a Microchip Explorer 16/32 Development Kit

Softei is offering you the chance to win an Explorer 16/32 Development Kit from Microchip. The Explorer 16/32 Development Kit is a flexible, convenient and ready to start development, demonstration and testing platform for 16-bit PIC24 MCUs, dsPIC® DSCs and 32-bit PIC32 MCUs.

The new kit contains the Explorer 16/32 Development Board for designing with 16-bit and 32-bit PIC® microcontrollers is offered at a lower cost than Microchip’s popular Explorer 16 Development Board and comes with an integrated programmer/debugger and several new features that address the latest embedded systems design needs. The board provides a flexible, convenient and easy-to-start tool while being backwards compatible to the classic Explorer 16 Board.

The Explorer 16/32 Development Kit (DM240001-3) includes the main Explorer 16/32 Development Board as well as a PIC24FJ1024GB610 Plug-In-Module (MA240023) and two USB cables. The Plug-In-Module features a 16-bit PIC24FJ1024GB610 microcontroller with 1MB Flash, a superset of memory and functions for the lower power PIC24F family. This kit with PIM and cables is priced at $109.99. For out of the box experience, Explorer 16/32 Development Kit comes with all the necessary components to get started with the evaluation and prototyping right away!

For your chance to win an Explorer 16/32 Development Kit please visit and enter your details in the online entry form.


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