Custom Cable Assemblies

Solve wiring and assembly problems for a wide variety of industries with custom cable assemblies. You can be sure of 100% testing and inspection before your products leave our warehouse. We will work with you to meet your deadlines and we welcome all enquiries.

Over the years the extremely wide range of LEMO connectors and applications has necessitated the sourcing of many different varieties of cables and other connectors.

Providing high quality product to customers in many different market sectors, including Food Processing, Automotive, Telecommunication and Lighting, custom cable assemblies for AVX’s 9159 series two-piece WTB (wire to board) connectors.

Cleaner Appearance

Paired with the two-piece contact system, which features an integral latch to prevent unmating in harsh commercial and industrial applications, the bonded cable assemblies match the pitch of the connector. This says the company, provides a cleaner appearance than discrete wires bound by cable ties, and simplify the assembly process by providing a complete, custom, and tested connector. The build-to-print cable assemblies also enable a near infinite number of complete WTB solutions by accommodating any combination of connector size and orientation, wire type and colour, and single- or double-ended assemblies, claims the company.

The two-piece plug and socket connectors comprise a collection of low profile, low pin count, WTB solutions. Based on gold plated beryllium copper (BeCu) spring contacts and rated for a full 5A/contact and operating temperatures spanning -40 to +125°, the connectors provide maximum contact integrity and performance when bringing power and signals onto or off of a PCB in a commercial and industrial applications, such as portable commercial and industrial handheld terminals, scanners, and meters; medical devices, including patient monitoring and drug dispensing equipment; solid-state lighting fixtures; industrial electronic modules and controls; and transportation applications, including console, police, and emergency lighting.

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Further Information

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