Eco-Counter selects Insight SiP Bluetooth Module for people and vehicle counting applications for Smart Cities

Eco-Counter has selected Insight SiP’s ultra-miniature RF Bluetooth module for its EVO family of counting devices.
Eco-Counter is an provider of solutions for accurately counting pedestrians and cyclists in cities, parks and open spaces in nature. There is an increasing drive to encourage people to walk or cycle more, in order to make our cities cleaner and with lower carbon emissions and improve personal health. A critical element in this is being able to count the numbers of pedestrians and cyclists (and distinguish between the two) to plan and implement solutions to facilitate this kind of mobility, and then to monitor the effectiveness once implemented.
Eco-Counter provides a wide range of sensors under their “EVO” family, coupled with intelligent software systems that can monitor the number of users, the type of transport (pedestrian, cyclists, scooters, etc) and even the speed and direction of travel. Different models of sensor are available depending on the environment (Urban, Parks, Nature, etc) and the type of traffic to be counted.
Insight SiP’s Bluetooth Module provides the core CPU of the solution, reading the sensors and storing the data, as well as providing the Bluetooth connectivity. The Bluetooth connection provides an easy method of system commissioning and update and can be used to upload stored data, depending on other connectivity options available.
“We chose the Insight SiP module due to the small form factor coupled with strong technical support. The range of models available allowed us to select a combination of memory and interfaces to suit our needs” said Pascal Fifre, R & D Hardware Manager at Eco-Counter.
“We are delighted to support Eco-Counter with their solutions aimed at encouraging active transportation. We all know we need to be more active, and anything that makes that easier is good for us and good for the planet,” said Nick Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing at Insight SiP.

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