Entry-level gateway chip supports fast VDSL access

A single chip from Lantiq, the VRX220, is an entry-level xDSL home gateway SoC family, designed to offer mature, feature-rich VDSL gateways.   It represents significant savings, due to its small form factor reference gateways on a two-layer PCB with Fast Ethernet LAN ports, 802.11n wireless LAN, and Carrier-Grade VoIP, says the company. The networking software package has routing, firewall and QoS, and TR-69 remote configuration for a fast time to market for operators and it offers seamless support of VDSL Profile 8, 12, 17 and 30MHz without any change of hardware, including support of hybrid fibre/copper (FTTB/FTTdp). The SoCs are backwards compatible with VDSL/ADSL lines and are covered by all major international certificates to ensure full interoperability. Using the chipset, carriers can adopt a home gateway strategy that uses a common software platform and feature set in a family of devices – from cost-optimised entry level VDSL gateways to high-end media gateways based on more feature-rich CPE chips.