Handheld Oscillioscope

The handheld oscilloscope is used in many field troubleshooting applications, from electrical and electro-mechanical to electronic and industrial control systems.

An oscilloscope draws a graph of an electrical signal providing a qualitative view of signal integrity. Speed of electronics continues to increase, creating new challenges to signal integrity in modern circuits and systems: high frequency noise and distortion, fast signal glitches and transients. Fast signals require a tool, like our ScopeMeters, that can reveal the details about a signal to troubleshoot, diagnose and solve your problems.

Handheld oscilloscopes convert your laptop or desktop PC into a powerful oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer and meter without the need for additional probes or power supplies.

The Soft Carrying case is a high quality convertible messenger/backpack case that has quilted storage and accessory pockets. It allows you to store not only your handheld oscilloscope but all pertinent accessories in a convenient and safe manner. The U1583B AC Current Clamp probe when connected to any of the above Handheld Oscilloscopes, allows you to measure AC current fast and conveniently without breaking the circuit loop. It’s 40A and 400A dual range gives you the measurement flexibility you need in a single accessory

The PicoScope 2104 and 2105 are portable handheld oscilloscopes that are ideally suited for use by hobbyists, students, technicians, and anyone looking for an easy–to–use, affordable, single–channel PC oscilloscope.

Handheld Power & Performance

Handheld oscilloscopes from Pico have been ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand. Whether you’re left–handed, right–handed, have big or small hands, PicoScope handheld scopes are lightweight and comfortable to use.

The small size of PicoScope handheld oscilloscopes makes them ideal for portable use, while still including the powerful features normally found in larger oscilloscopes.

The PicoScope 2105 has a 100 megasample per second real-time sampling rate. For repetitive signals the sampling rate can be increased to 2 gigasamples per second using digital equivalent-time sampling. These high sampling rates combined with a 24,000 sample buffer memory and 25 MHz analogue bandwidth make the PicoScope 2105 suitable for a wide range of trouble–shooting tasks on both analogue and digital circuits. The entry–level PicoScope 2104 is also available for use in less–demanding applications.

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