LEDs are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications. Non-visible LEDs, using UV and Infra-red parts of the spectrum, are frequently used in medical, security, and non-contact sensing applications.

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We offer our clients information regarding an extensive choice of LEDs, including standard LEDs, panel mounted LED indicators, power illumination LEDs, non-visible LEDs and LED lamp replacements. These LEDs are available in various colours, package styles, and intensities. Take advantage of our high quality service to help you make the right design choices.

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Wide Range of LED Devices

Recent technological advances in the LED market have seen the introduction of very high brightness white LEDs, which has opened up a new market in high-efficiency lighting applications. We are delighted to be able to point our clients towards a range of cost effective LED Display devices which are ideal for both internal and external use.

Here are a few reasons to use LED devices.

  • Significant reduction in energy costs and carbon emissions.
  • Exceptionally low cost of ownership.
  • Individual control including dimmers and timers.
  • Energy monitoring technology.
  • Flexible lighting arrangements and design.
  • LED Leasing scheme – no capital costs.

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