Microprocessors UK

Microprocessors UK

In the world of personal computers, the terms microprocessor and CPU are used interchangeably. At the heart of every personal computer and the majority of workstations will be found a microprocessor which will be used to control the logic of almost all digital devices, from clock radios to fuel-injection systems for vehicles.

There are 3 basic differences between microprocessors:

  • Instruction Set: The set of instructions that the microprocessor can execute.
  • Bandwidth: This indicates how many bits can be processed in a single instruction.
  • Clock Speed: Given in megahertz (MHz), the clock speed determines how many instructions per second the processor can execute.

The integration of a whole CPU onto a single chip or on a few chips greatly reduced the cost of processing power and the team at Softei strive to identify all of the best micro-Microprocessors UK, Softei.com - Global Electronics Industry Newsprocessing deals throughout the UK. The integrated circuit processor was produced in large numbers by highly automated processes, so unit cost was low. Single-chip processors increase reliability as there are many fewer electrical connections to fail.

As microprocessor designs get faster, the cost of manufacturing a chip (with smaller components built on a semiconductor chip the same size) generally stays the same and therefore the cost effectiveness of the deals available increases.

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