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When designing any type of precision analogue circuit, it is crucial that users avoid the potential negatives associated with poor passive component choice. Making a poor decision in regards to passive electronic component can derail even the best op amp or data converter application and therefore using Softei as the conduit to help you identify the best possible deal around the globe can be the only sensible choice.

What are Passive Electronic Components?

Passive electronic components, such as resistors, inductors, capacitors, or transformers, do not require any source of energy to perform their function in an application.Passive Electronic Components, - Global Electronics Industry News

In electrical, computer or storage systems, passive components are those that do not require electrical power to operate (e.g., not capable of power gain). This could include the chassis, capacitors, resistors or enclosures that do not require electrical power to operate but would exclude system components such as the power supply, fans, storage device, transistors, diodes and other controllers (called active components).

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