Programmable Hex Voltage Supervisor

Able to simulataneously monitor up to six voltage rails from 0.2 to 13.9V, the LTC2933 programmable hex voltage supervisor from Linear Technology has a built-in EEPROM.

It does not require external resistors to set thresholds and provides an I²C/SMBus interface to access onboard EEPROM to store configuration data that has been tested over temperature and guaranteed for at least 10 years of data retention.

The LTpowerPlay GUI allows users to review faults or violation history. Six voltage monitoring channels, including one high-voltage channel, offer a choice of input ranges, and 1% guaranteed threshold accuracy over temperature. The 1% power supply threshold accuracy reduces the required system voltage margin, claims the company.

Programmable Channels

Each channel can be programmed to one of 256 available overvoltage and undervoltage fault or warning thresholds, which can be disabled for margining purposes. This highly configurable device offers two general purpose inputs that can be configured as manual reset, undervoltage disable, margin enable, or auxiliary comparator inputs.

Three general purpose I/Os can be mapped to respond to any combination of these user-defined inputs, power supply faults, as alert outputs according to the SMBus standard, or as interrupts to provide maximum design flexibility. The output type (open-drain or weak pull-up), polarity, and delay-on-release response time can be individually selected for all I/O pins. A regulated 3.3V output can monitor negative supplies. Three pin-selectable I²C addresses are also available.

Aimed at network servers, data storage, telecommunications equipment, industrial control, and high availability computer systems, commercial and industrial versions are available, supporting operating temperature ranges from 0 to 70°C and -40 to 85°C, respectively. The device is offered in a small, RoHS-compliant, 16pin 5x4mm DFN or narrow 16-lead SSOP.

Further Information

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